Farbs (Jarrad Woods)
Jarrad Woods (Farbs) - Game Developers Conference 2010
Jarrad Woods (Farbs) at the Game Developers Conference in 2010




game programmer


Farbs is the pseudonym of Jarrad Woods, an indie game programmer who gained media attention when he quit his job at gaming firm 2K Australia using a video game.


Farbs studied at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Canberra, Australia.


After eight years in commercial game design, Farbs started creating independent projects as a sideline in 2006.

Farbs has created several games including Polychromatic Funk Monkey, Fishie Fishie, ROM CHECK FAIL and most recently, Captain Forever.


ROM CHECK FAIL was created for and won the 2008 Video Game Name Generator competition run by Derek Yu's site, The Independent Gaming Source.

It went on to be listed in Gamasutra's top 5 indie games of 2008. Farbs presented ROM CHECK FAIL at the 2009 Experimental Game Replay Workshop, run by Jonathan Blow.

Following interest from the art community it was, or is to be, included in a number of exhibitions such as at the Powerhouse Museum, Finland's ManseDanse09 and Spain's Intermediae.

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