The objective of the game, currently, is survival. If the capitan stops moving, he will be attacked by pirates. If the core of the ship is damaged, it will defensively destroy everything in the area (a feature, not a bug). Being a sensitive guy, Farbs isn't pleased with his role in destroying innocents, but to protect himself he must fight. The trouble, of course, is that the stronger his ship grows, the more powerful enemies it attracts. Thus our role as remote-pilots oug
Screen shot 2010-01-10 at 4.43.40 PM

Impenetrable warp ship

ht to be to create a ship which is safe from all attack, and which can defend itself when needed.

To accomplish this goal, the ship needs to be manuverable and well equipped both offensively and defensively. Given the game's many components, the balance may take many forms. The ship displayed here is one possible (and fairly optimal) solution.

The key components are chrono modules and bubble sheilds. When chronomodules are daisy-chained, their acceleration effects are multiplied. The effect is that when eight are chained together as shown, shields attached to them recharge nearly instantaneously. This makes bringing down a sheild and damaging the ship very dificult.

Weapons are also accelerated by the chrono modules. However, the sheilds in this case are strong enough that regular lasers cannot focus enough energy on the surface of the sheild even given the continious stream of fire. . Prismatic lasers, however, fire three beams of the same intensity as the regular lasers. with a full bank of prismatic lasers, the sheilds on this ship can be penetrated.

Chrono modules also accelerate translocators, which move mass from location to location without applying thrust. In this case, the effect like a warp drive; the ship will skip across a whole screen's worth of space every second. At this point, the game AI doesn't seem to have awareness of the trails of the weapons it fires. As a result, AI copies of this ship will immediately navigate into their own fire and destroy themselves (which is a bit boring)

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